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DE Fashio’s vision is to create most reliable and frictionless Business that creates a worldclass experiences for buyers and sellers. .  Founded in 2017 by Arun Kumar DE Fashio has become a leading website offering designer Customised Clothing’s to its customer. We envision bringing Indian craftsmanship to the forefront of global retail, and are committed to delivering an extraordinary shopping experience. We are passionate about finding things that rise above the unremarkable. We are offering personalized attention from trained fashion consultants who help creating customized outfits for its clients across India. With our customer centric approach we provide the best online shopping experience to our customers – starting from the best selection, great technology, perfect fulfillment and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced. Our merchants typically are successful retailers who have earned credibility and customer loyalty through years of excellence in building customer experience in the offline environment. So as a buyer you can be confident that you are buying the best from the best.  We not only help our merchants reach to a larger market on a reliable platform but also to increase business multifold within the online space. This is done through a host of business management tools, effective marketing, decision enabling analytics and last but not the least, our buyer centric approach which ultimately leads to long term loyalty.

We are creating a Platform for all the fashion designers who will create a unique design for all the Indians just as they desire   So we created a company to bring you products you will fall in love with; to give you a chance to create your own space, to tap into those hidden talents and make your personal looks and collections.

You may be a buyer or a seller but there is one thing in common that De Fashio promises both. Unmatched online experience no matter which side of the transaction you are. Welcome to the marketplace!

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Our passion is our profession. We love what we do with all our hearts. The ultimate goal is to love what you do and be good at it. And we are lucky enough to find that precious balance early in our careers.

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